Popeye Arcade Cross Stitch Pattern

November 12, 2007

An homage to the great arcade game and cartoon “Popeye”. I recommend doing this on black cloth, to avoid a lot of black stitching…And if you want to make the pattern quicker/smaller you could cut the house out and just do the characters.

Popeye Needlepoint Pattern thumbnail

Popeye Pattern Directions


new site is up!

November 11, 2007

www.spritestitch.com is up! update your bookmarks!

Mario across the NES ages Cross Stitch Pattern

November 10, 2007

I’ve created a new mario cross stitch pattern which shows mario as he advances through his titles on the original nintendo (NES).

mario nes pattern thumbnail

Mario ages Pattern Directions

Pattern created by me…

This pattern was inspired by The History of Mario in Cross-Stitch via [Kotaku]

Space Invaders Arcade Cross Stitch!

November 4, 2007

A perfect nod to a classic arcade game. This cross stitch was completed by the cross stitch ninja. Check out her flickr page to see more examples of her stitches, trust me its worth a look.

Space Invaders Cross Stitch 01 Space Invaders Cross Stitch 02 Space Invaders Cross Stitch 03

Risk: Global Domination Pattern

November 3, 2007

I originally made this pattern as template to do a tile mosaic gaming table…but I figure that I might as well post it here too. It could make a good cross stitch/needlepoint pattern as well.

Risk Cross Stitch Pattern

Risk Pattern Directions

Pattern created by me…

Super Mario Bros. Needlepoint

November 3, 2007

a very awesome super mario brosthers needlepoint by Lauren over at Lost Mitten! (a geeky craft blog)

Super Mario Bros 01Super Mario Bros 02Super MArio Bros 03

Also check out her Etsy Store for video game inspired crafts that you can purchase!

NES Contra “30 lives code” cross stitch

November 3, 2007

up up down down left right left right b a select start!

You know the code oh so well…and here it is in a cross stitch pattern. This is an original design by Benjamin White over at Sorrytown, USA. I didn’t make an official looking pattern out of it, but if anyone is interested leave a comment and I can make one.

Contra Cross StitchContra Cross Stitch framedContra Title Screen

Contra Pattern Directions

NES Ice Hockey Cross Stitch Pattern…

October 28, 2007

Ice Hockey

Nintendo (NES) Ice Hockey Cross Stitch Pattern. (I’m about halfway through stitching this one, pictures to come in a few weeks)

Ice Hockey Pattern Directions

Pattern created by me…

Piston Honda Cross Stitch Completed…

October 28, 2007

piston012.pngPiston Honda Completed 2…


See post below for the patterns…

Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!! Cross Stitch Patterns

October 28, 2007

Cross Stitch Patterns of characters from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out (Minor Circuit)

Lil MacGlass JoeVon KaiserPiston Honda

Lil Mac + Mike Tyson’s Minor Circuit Opponents…Glass Joe, Von Kaiser, and Piston Honda.

Minor Circuit Cross Stitch Directions


Cross Stitch Patterns of characters from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out (Major Circuit)

Don FlamencoKing HippoGreat TigerBald Bull

Mike Tyson’s Major Circuit Opponents…Don Flamenco, King Hippo, Great Tiger, and Bald Bull.

Major Circuit Cross Stitch Directions


Cross Stitch Patterns of characters from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out (World Circuit)

Soda Popinskisandman2.jpgmacho1.jpgtyson1.jpg

Mike Tyson’s World Circuit Opponent…Soda Popinski, Mr. Sandman, Super Macho Man, and Mike Tyson.

World Circuit Cross Stitch Directions

All Punch Out! patterns created by me…