Space Invaders Arcade Cross Stitch!

A perfect nod to a classic arcade game. This cross stitch was completed by the cross stitch ninja. Check out her flickr page to see more examples of her stitches, trust me its worth a look.

Space Invaders Cross Stitch 01 Space Invaders Cross Stitch 02 Space Invaders Cross Stitch 03


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4 Responses to “Space Invaders Arcade Cross Stitch!”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Ooh…this one is awesome! very nice!

    btw – here is a link for you to check out, perhaps to feature on your site, it is a pretty cool mario cross stitch that someone did, “a history of mario” !

  2. johloh Says:

    yes yes…I have that history of mario bookmarked, its an upcoming post…very nice. Not a lot of directions for it though, so I am making up a pattern to go along with it…upcoming…

  3. dezzo Says:


  4. Marilyn K Says:

    love it! very nostalgic 🙂

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