NES Contra “30 lives code” cross stitch

up up down down left right left right b a select start!

You know the code oh so well…and here it is in a cross stitch pattern. This is an original design by Benjamin White over at Sorrytown, USA. I didn’t make an official looking pattern out of it, but if anyone is interested leave a comment and I can make one.

Contra Cross StitchContra Cross Stitch framedContra Title Screen

Contra Pattern Directions


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2 Responses to “NES Contra “30 lives code” cross stitch”

  1. Jen Says:

    Hi there! I’m interested in it, but not the guys – just the code. Ooh actually if you add the Contra “C” before the beginning of the code.. that’d be cool too. (Same positioning as the word “Contra”) I’m thinking of stitching it on a gift for my bf. Thanks!

  2. johloh Says:

    sorry jen, its not my pattern…youll have to ask benjamin at sorrytown, usa…

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